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Why train at SAVA?

Our mission is to coach you how to be mindful of your body – given it’s the only place you really have got to live in.

Our trainings follow an evidence-based and tested training approach rooted in the n.m.s.® performance framework as well as the application of WBS (Wirbelsäulen-Basis-Ausgleich) from the Swiss practitioner Rolf Ott. By applying functional muscular testing (Screening), we can together develop a training plan which is focussing on improving muscular function and personal health on a holistic level rather than reducing training to the old “hitting each muscle singularly”. This leads to improved physical, but also mental capacity as well as reduced stress levels in both regards. Intense training – of course – is admirable, but can become counterproductive, if it ends in overcompensating deficiencies hidden behind a collection of symptoms. And that’s where the training must begin.

For our clients, we focus on preventive training to support their lifestyle. An example: to prepare an avid skier for the joyous skiing season we focus on stabilising the knee, strengthening the glutes, the quads, as well as the core for balancing.

Of course, some clients have completely different needs and goals: getting in shape, building strength, endurance or speed or simply improving mobility in their daily life. The client and their lifestyle dictate how best to support them.

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